A Revolution in HVAC Heat Recovery

The Refrigeration HVAC field over the past 20 years has undergone a massive transformation in technology that most individuals would be surprised with.

The expansion of compressor technology, fan technology, materials technology and electronic technology has allowed for great leaps in EER and SEER ratings that are Endorsed by the EPA and various Canadian energy organizations the HVAC Industry.

Fan technology like the ECM motors, consume a fraction of the older generation motors.

Furnaces are now 98.9 Efficient.

HVAC Systems are able to communicate not only with each other but over the internet. Direct Digital Control is the norm in all new Commercial and Industrial installation.

Everything is monitored and controlled via BACnet. This is a special Operating Platform to operate HVAC equipment.

Other platforms being Johnson Controls, LonWorks, Ethernet

The operating programs to control HVAC Equipment is only limited by the physical capabilities of the components.

Packaged HVAC system
High Efficiency Packaged HVAC System

Equipment is now operated with a program and service with a laptop.

Our planet cannot continue to keep on burning fossil fuels to heat houses in the northern climates.

One solution for this is a better use of electricity. Industrial sized Heat Recovery systems are now becoming the norm, especially with the rising cost of energy.

Large water to water Heat recovery heat pumps can operate very efficiently compared to natural gas. 

The University of British Columbia in partnership with various government bodies and Provincial Utilities such as BC Hydro have installed numerous Heat Pump systems and Energy Recovery Ventilation throughout campus.

A new Provincial and Federal drive to reduce energy consumption are aiding the growth and sustainability of the HVAC field with the addition of LEED initiatives.

Engineering firms are accepting the challenges of designing Heat Recovery systems that were not possible 20 years back.

Canada has been at the cutting edge of Energy Recovery Technology  due to its because of University’s like Ryerson in Toronto.

For more information surrounding the representation of mechanical trades in British Columbia, visit the MCABC website to learn how the mechanical building trades in BC is and advocate for the mechanical sector.

Technology is leaping forward to meet the demands.

A national organization that keeps sales companies and contractors informed and educated on cutting edge technology is The Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating. Keeping abreast of the changes in information and technology is vital to the survival of any mechanical contractor or engineering firm.

We have finally reached an age where we have the ability to do what we want when and where we want.

The newest compressor on the market is a floating bearing compressor.

The driveshaft actually floats on magnetic fields.

This allows for little friction and noise.

Efficiency is greatly enhanced with the lack of friction.

Fan blades are of a special design that offers efficient airflow coupled with low noise.

Compressors are now variable speed, driven by DC Inverters.

This has opened up a  massive field in Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems.

Heating and cooling in these systems can take place all at the same time.

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Some new condominium complexes in Richmond are on a district energy system that pumps water to building systems that have water to water heat pumps. Both cooling and heating are available.

This also adds to the effectiveness of the entire system.

Currently, there is massive growth with the recovery of heat in sewage water.

Lynn Mueller of International Wastewater Systems is pioneering the way globally. Enjoy the video below.

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